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Nominees for the 84th Academy Awards

Puss in Boots for the win!

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“Limitless” Tops Box Office

The sci-fi thriller Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper as a struggling writer who becomes wildly rich and successful in the financial world after taking a drug that allows him to tap into his brain’s maximum potential, opened in first place at the weekend box office. Co-starring are Robert DeNiro and Abbie Cornish. It ousted last week’s […]


Does “Rango” Promote Smoking?

Johnny Depp’s new animated movie “Rango” opened at the top of the box office this past weekend.  Now anti-smoking advocates getting upset because “Rango” is rated PG, and it contains at least 60 instances of characters smoking.  One group says that the only other animated film on par with that is “101 Dalmatians,” which contains about 60 instances […]