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Chat with EB during tonight’s Real World: Las Vegas!

You saw last week that she has the hook-up to behind the scenes details when she talked to Heather Marter on her show, now find out even more from her, other fans, MTV insiders, and possibly cast members during tonight’s live chat during the new episode! All you have to do is come to this […]

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Chat with EB during tonight’s episode of Real World Las Vegas!

On tonight’s episode of the Real World: Las Vegas, we meet Heather Cooke, AKA Cookie. I thought she’d be kinda lame, but it turns out she’s going to be causing a LOT of drama. Come chat with me, MTV and Real World gurus, and fellow fans during tonight’s episode at 9pm! We answer polls, talk […]


Chat live with me during Real World: Las Vegas tonight!

Every week when a new episode of Real World Las Vegas airs, I host a live chat on my blog! I used to have cast members join in, and now sometimes people from the Real World: DC or New Orleans will pop in and chat with us. Tonight you can get to the chat via […]

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Join me for the premiere of Real World: Las Vegas!

As you probably know by now, I have become quite the Real World  “guru” ever since I stalked the show back in DC. [If you haven't seen my videos, you should probably watch some of them.] Every episode of the Real World, I host live chats on my blog! Cast members join in, people who […]