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Mariah Carey To Judge ‘Idol’?

American Idol is definitely in a peculiar position looking for possibly three judges!  A new rumor has surfaced that Mariah Carey.  Sources say that the television program is close to signing Mariah.  Jennifer Lopez was the prize earner netting $15 million dollars judging the show last season.  The word is that Mariah would earn $17 million, making […]

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VIDEO: Eden Wood is Rude to Wendy Williams


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Why Are You Still Single?

If you’re single and you don’t know why, VH1 is here to help ya out with a new show…check out the trailer:  

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Video: Kate Gosselin doesn’t want a “mediocre” job

Do you need another reason to hate on Kate Gossellin?  Well, here’s one:  Yesterday she was on the Today Show with Matt Lauer talking about how she just doesn’t want to settle with “mediocre” for her kids by having a “regular” job.  Kate said, “Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids, and working […]

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Day 4: Vote for MTV March Madness!

It’s the last day of round 1 of MTV March Madness! Yesterday’s winners were America’s Best Dance Crew, Daria, Cribs, and The Hills! Who will be the final four of the Sweet 16? Vote now! Typical MTV [polldaddy poll=4765641]   Old School [polldaddy poll=4765652]   CelebTV [polldaddy poll=4765657]   RealiTV [polldaddy poll=4765679] You have until […]