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Two Years Of Krash: Thank You

This weekend marks a huge benchmark for me.  It’s the two year marker of me Krashing your airwaves at Candy 95.  It’s pretty easy to say time has FLOWN.  I have learned so much and have taken time to learn you, the listener.  I came here starting on Sunday’s while finishing up school at Sam […]

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If only this were real.

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Paris Hilton Tackles “New Genre” of Music

“I’m very musically talented.”

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Krash Interviews Rebecca Black

This is a follow up post to the original “Rebecca Black: The Bikini Model”  I made earlier this week.  To make a long story short, after a Facebook fiasco this Rebecca was mistaken for the teenage singer of, “Friday”.  Rebecca’s story has received mainstream airplay on TMZ and other internet outlets.  We discussed the Facebook […]


Rebecca Black: The Bikini Model

No no no not that Rebecca Black.  I promise you that you will enjoy this one much more =).  Lately there has been some confusion via Facebook over Rebecca Black accounts.  Allegedly Facebook made a boo-boo and merged their accounts causing a lot of confusion.  People searching for Rebecca Black the wannabe vocalist have been […]