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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 14 (Finale)

Episode 14: “Seems Like a No Brainer” Survivor Redemption Island it was a unique season.  The redemption twist added a whole new variable to the game, filled with paranoia.  Strategical play may have been at an absolute all time low.  Boston Rob became a super hero.  Last but not least we met a Coach Wade […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 13

Episode 13: “Too Close For Comfort” Episode 13 was pretty big transition episode heading into the finale on Sunday.  There was plenty of stupidity, and with season 22 I’ve just come to expect that.  Going into this episode we knew one thing it is either going to be Ashley or Grant getting the boot.  However […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 12

Episode 12: “You Mangled My Nets” Finally finally finally episode 12 offered something different this past week.  The former Ometepe six had to cut on of their own.  Right on cue Boston Rob knew what to do.  His strategy, his game play, his social game, are all amazing.  However with each possible bitter person his […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 11

Episode #11: “A Mystery Package” One word for the development of this season, and this past episode… UGH! Fame Or A Million Dollars? Every season has a few castaways we all know have absolutely no interest in winning the money.  It always frustrates me as a Survivor fan and a hopeful contestant one day.  Regardless […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 10

Episode 10: “Rice Wars” Okay let me just say this has to have been one of the most bizarre episodes of Survivor in a long time.  Virtually nothing ground breaking happened besides a bunch of bickering for no reason!  It leaves me with limited things to blog about with limited game play.  However, lets begin! […]