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Video: Man Covers Rihanna On Subway And Scares Everyone

Check out this man on a British subway getting into some Rihanna!  Nobody on the train has the courage to say anything or really even laugh at the guy.  They just sit and endure his singing, which really isn’t that bad.  My favorite person is the guy close up pretending to read a newspaper.  He […]


Drake Kicks Chris Brown’s @#$ (With Photo Goodness)

You know you’ve ticked off a lot of people when you get pwned by a Canadian.

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Stars Who Are More Popular Than Facebook!?

These lucky stars rack more hits than Facebook as a whole!

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AUDIO: Chris Brown REMIXES Kanye’s THERAFLU, Ticks off Rihanna (NSFW)

But he’s totally sorry, everybody!

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Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Breaks VEVO Records

Justin Bieber is already breaking records with his hit single, “Boyfriend”.  He set a VEVO mark for views in a 24 hour period.  More than 5 million views were registered on the new music vid when it launched Friday.  Oddly enough, he beat Rihanna who had JUST set the record with, “Where Have You Been”. […]