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Best Beach Body of All Time?

..And Helen Mirren is #7.


Chris Brown’s Latest Pickup Line

Most offensive pickup line ever?

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Krash’s Top 10 Party Songs of 2011 (Numbers 4-3)

We’re getting down to the end of the list! Here’s what we’ve got so far: 10.  “Without You” David Guetta Ft. Usher 9.  “Hangover” Taio Cruz Ft. Flo Rida 8.  “Sexy And I Know It” LMFAO 7.  “No Sleep” Wiz Khalifa 6.  “Take Over Control” Afrojack Ft. Eva Simmons 5.  “In The Dark” Dev Ft. […]


Chris Brown’s Twitter Rant

If only Chris could get rid of his past as easily as his Twitter account. Brown shut down his social networking site last week, but not before blasting the twitter-verse with some choice words when a few people decided to tweet about his past treatment of then-girlfriend Rihanna. He has recently reactivated the account, but […]

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Concert Accountability

So Rihanna was an hour and 5 minutes late to her show in London last night.. on the heels of being 90 minutes late for a show in Belfast just the week before. This guy’s really angry about it, but he makes an interesting point. When you go to a concert, you are assuming the […]