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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

I’m pretty sure this is the ONLY thing that people really care about when it comes to the Royal Wedding.  So here’s Kate’s dress! [polldaddy poll=4988611]


Is Richard Cheese Playing the Royal Wedding?

Why do I always fall for internet pranks?  Well here is one that is either so ridiculous that it must be true, or so over the top that there is no way in HELL that this is real.  One of my favorite artists claims to be performing at one of the receptions tomorrow after the […]

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VIDEOS OF THE DAY: Will Ferrell is hilarious this week

I totally love Will Ferrell. I mean, WHO DOESN’T?! This week he’s on his game being funny! First he declared war on Conan O’Brien and his beard, then he gave his “greeting” to the Royal couple. If there’s anything you want to watch dealing with the Royal Wedding, it’s this video, and that’s it. [youtube]liJiNviZdWs[/youtube] […]

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Kate Middleton Quits Her Job

Must be nice to be a princess-to-be… Since her wedding to Prince William is three months away, Kate Middleton has quit her job to plan her big day! Up until last Friday, she worked at  Party Pieces, her family’s online party supply business, as a website designer and photographer.  A spokesperson for the Royal Family […]