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Video: A “Goat Man” Spotted In Utah

You can dress up as a bat or a spider to fight villains and seem pretty dang cool.  Dressing up as a goat and running through the Utah mountains… not so much.  Salt Lake City, UT has been reporting this “Goat Man” on multiple occasions.  He runs with herds of goats dressed just like them.  […]

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New Spiderman Trailer

If youre a fan of the game “Mirror’s Edge”, you’ll love the camerawork! [youtube]_XayxMPrUP4[/youtube]


TRAILER!: The Amazing Spiderman

AH! Only a little less than a year away from a new Spiderman movie and we already have the first trailer! Check out how Andrew Garfield becomes a superhero and the all new perspective this movie could bring to the table: Who’s excited?!

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New, interesting couple alerts

Two “new” couples are being brought to our attention today!   First- NEVER would have imagined these two getting together, but “Spiderman” costars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are reportedly getting close off-screen, too! “I met her first at the screen test and I was like, ‘Oh, man, if I have to spend six years […]

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Watch: Sesame Street spoofs “Spiderman”

I had no idea that new seasons of Sesame Street had teasers, but in the age of YouTube, I guess they must.  I love their spoof on the disaster that is the Spiderman Braodway musical. [youtube]aR1DdMeVqTw&feature[/youtube]