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Happy Belated Star Wars Day!

I spent my Sunday doing exactly what I should have been doing, watching Star Wars! Yes, it was Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you, May the force be with you, get it?! Okay, you probably got it. I really wish I would’ve seen this before yesterday, because it is just hilarious to […]

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Superman & Star Wars

Did you see this video of what these guys thought it’d be like if Superman had a GoPro? I saw the headline and wondered how it’d be done. Beside some cheesy arm movements while flying, I think it’s pretty great! What do you think? In other nerd news, n a recent meeting with shareholders, Disney […]


VIDEO: George Takei Really Hates Twilight!!

For the record, Star Wars is better.

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10 Things you probably didn’t know about Star Wars

For all the Star Wars fans, we think you need to know the little things you probably didn’t know until now! And what better way to present them than with pictures?  


Meet the kid behind the Darth Vader mask!

If you’re sick of the football talk, fine. Now we can talk about the precious little boy who played Darth Vader in possibly the most popular commercial from the Super Bowl. His name is Max Page and he’s 6 years old… and was on the Today Show to talk about his past and shooting this […]