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Lil Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” freestyle

Not only will this Sunday be a battle of the football players, coaches, fans, and colors, it’ll also be a battle of the rappers and their songs. Wiz Khalifa supports the Steelers with “Black and Yellow” as you know, but now Lil Wayne has stepped up and remixed it for the Packers. [youtube][/youtube] Because I’m […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mark Sanchez wipes a boogie on backup QB

The Jets/Steelers game had me DYING last night! Go figure, the team I was rooting for lost. Hmph. But to provide a little comic relief, Mark Sanchez picked a booger and wiped it on his backup quarterback Mark Brunell. [youtube]imZiV6RJYtU[/youtube] BONUS: Ben Roethlisberger also got humped… on National TV. [youtube]CkB8y-WbqfY[/youtube] What a game, huh?!