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Mark Consuelos’ was a Stripper

“I even have an old calendar pinup of him”

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Best Birthday Present Ever

Clare Ormiston of Worcestershire, England, just turned 100, and when her family asked her what she wanted for her birthday she asked for . . . a MALE STRIPPER. So they got her one.  His name is John Green, but his stripping name is SCORPION . . . and he went to Clare’s nursing home to perform […]

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You Fancy, Huh?

Want to spice up your tailgate? Don’t go the standard and boring route with hot sauce. Sriracha won’t cut it here! Class things up by investing in a tow-hitch stripper pole. Yep, it attaches right to the back of your Agg’d out pick up. Sure they’re a bit pricey, but can you really put a price […]

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Urinal Cake Candles. They’re real.

Shel Winkley mentioned this on yesterday’s show. I decided to look for it when I got in because NO PART OF ME THOUGHT THIS WAS REAL. Here’s a description from the companys website (HOTWICK CANDLES) Bring the industrial chemical freshness of a public restroom right to your home. We’re often asked if THE URINAL CAKE […]