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Jay-Z Explains Who He Is To A Cute Old Lady

[Via GAWKER.COM] … a 24-minute documentary on Jay-Z’s 8-show stint that opened Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in September was released via YouTube. One highlight of Where I’m From occurs when Jay takes the subway en route to his last show and sits next to a kind-faced older woman named Ellen who has no idea who the […]

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GRAPH: The Subway Avocado Olympian Commercial EXPLAINED

FINALLY. I was also confused as to what this commercial was trying to say, but luckily the people at Gawker are all over it, so I merely have to give you this link. Huzzah!

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Video: Man Covers Rihanna On Subway And Scares Everyone

Check out this man on a British subway getting into some Rihanna!  Nobody on the train has the courage to say anything or really even laugh at the guy.  They just sit and endure his singing, which really isn’t that bad.  My favorite person is the guy close up pretending to read a newspaper.  He […]