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The Super Bowl XLV Halftime show…

If you didn’t catch the Black Eyed Peas [and surprise appearances from Usher and Slash], now’s your time to watch. Part of me wants to tell you not to waste your time, but the other half thinks you need to know what happened if you don’t. [youtube][/youtube] Cool: Surprise appearances The light up people on […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Little kid’s “Green and Yellow”

This kid is obviously hella young, but he’s good! And he’s reppin’ the Green and Yellow. AND it’s clean! [youtube]boa19HgenYI[/youtube]

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VOTE for your favorite Super Bowl commercial!

The question everyone’s asking: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Watch them if you haven’t, or again if you did, and let us know! Volkswagen: The Force [youtube]R55e-uHQna0[/youtube] NFL Brand American [youtube]nLwAflvojXo[/youtube] Chysler: Imported from Detroit [youtube]vu06dwvKGaE[/youtube] E-Trade Baby- Tailor [youtube]u6x_E6fdxq0[/youtube] Best Buy [youtube]OChoh7um9mM[/youtube] Career Builder [youtube]qbTibb1pjNg[/youtube] Doritos- Healing Chips [youtube]m9eb9S9_nOU[/youtube] Doritos- Best Part […]

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WATCH: Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem FAIL

Did you notice Christina Aguilera’s epic mess-up last night during the Super Bowl’s National Anthem? At about :42 in the video, she left out “O’er the ramparts we watched” and instead sang “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last [who know what she said].” Of course they cut to the players and soldiers […]

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Lil Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” freestyle

Not only will this Sunday be a battle of the football players, coaches, fans, and colors, it’ll also be a battle of the rappers and their songs. Wiz Khalifa supports the Steelers with “Black and Yellow” as you know, but now Lil Wayne has stepped up and remixed it for the Packers. [youtube][/youtube] Because I’m […]