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Disney Flash Mob Proposal-TOO SWEET!!!!!

I’ve never seen a flash mob used in such a good way!!!! This dude was money…TAKE NOTE BOYS: GREAT WAY TO PROPOSE RIGHT HERE: [youtube]Su1YLAjty-U[/youtube]


Don’t You Love Cute Kid Videos?!?!

Who doesn’t love the cute kid videos on YouTube?!?! Here’s 2 of the cutest I found recently…prepare yourself on the Disney one…you might want a box of Kleenex nearby. [youtube]ZbV5hn_ET0U[/youtube] [youtube]OOpOhlGiRTM[/youtube]

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Watch: Beyonce Suprises Kids at Target

On Thursday, Beyonce surpised a group of kids from the Boy & Girls Club at a Target event in New York.  Check it out!  (B shows up at about the 1:05 mark) [youtube]sQhEho43PUU[/youtube]