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PIC: Rihanna’s new under “humps” ink!

A TOP notch tat.

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PIC: Ke$ha’s New Lip Tattoo


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Miley Cyrus Adds New Ink To Collection

Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus is at it again collecting some new ink!  You can see a phrase tatted onto her left bicep.  It says, “Love Never Dies.”  While Miley getting tatted up is common news, I’m digging her rocker look.  Hopefully we can get a close up on that ink soon! -Krash

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A New Way To Get Revenge On Your Cheating Lover!?

Dear ladies DO NOT cheat on your lover if he is a tattoo artist.  You may wake up one day and have poop inked into your back.   A tattoo artist found out his girl was cheating on him with his best friend.  Rather than confronting her with it he had her fill out an “at […]


PHOTO: Selena Gomez and Her New JUSTIN Ink

Ummm…it would seem so. However after closer inspection we’re not sure this isn’t a tattoo of the “sharpie” variety. If so…DANG! That’s a pretty short relationship to already be taking it to ink status!! Image Source: Getty Images