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T-shirt time is over: “Jersey Shore” Cancelled by MTV

G. T. Canned!

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Whether you’re hosting a charity event, planning a concert or rally, or opening up a milkshake store in Dubai, there’s a celeb for that. Yahoo released a list of several “stars” and the seemingly exorbitant amount of money they think their time is worth. [From Yahoo] A B-lister for your A-list event? You’ve been carrying […]

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Derek Jeter: Swag for One Night Stands

Booby prizes.

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Jersey Shore-naments

Get ready to have your holiday guido-fied. GTL now stands for Glitter, Tree, Lights.     Thanks to a new line of holiday ornaments from renowned glass ornament company Kurt S. Adler, the “Jersey Shore” trio can adorn your tree this year. The ornaments are approximately five inches tall, and find the MTV reality stars […]

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Keeping up with Jersey Shore- two are out, and one finds love

Either it’s the end of the world, or someone’s turning the Jersey Shore into The Hills in terms of faked storylines. We found out the other day that after just a few days into filming Season 5, Vinny checked out of the Shore house. Now, it looks like the Situation has followed in his footsteps! […]