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MUSIC VIDEO: Tim Halperin’s “The Last Song”

Tim Halperin‘s first single post-Idol now has a video! His video for “She Runs” was incredible, so he had a lot to live up to in the creativity department, and we think he nailed it! Watch him travel through his piano in the video for “The Last Song!” [youtube]iZQzk3Feq2M[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: An old one of Scotty McCreery

Tim Halperin posted this video of Scotty from before they found out their Top 40 fate. As soon as I saw this, it sealed the deal for me. I want Scotty to win. [youtube]vS-PgIe5w2A[/youtube] He’s so humble, down to Earth, and hilarious! Plus- HELLA talented. I think the only thing that sucks is we probably […]

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Tim Halperin talks American Idol and his new single

Unfortunately Tim Halperin didn’t make it into the top 13 of American Idol last week, but apparently he’s not too upset about it. As I’d hope he would, he was ready to give me the first interview post-Idol this morning! Because American Idol has always been one of my favorite shows, I obviously had a […]

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American Idol: Top 12 Guys

FINALLY we got to vote on Idol last night!!! I have been waiting for this all season.  The Top 12 guys performed and Ryan Secreast dropped a bomb!  Only 5 of the guys will make it through with America’s vote and the judges will pick one Wild Card.  We’re losing 1/2 of the contestants in […]


Tim Halperin: AMERICAN IDOL TOP 24

It’s official! Our Piano Bar guy Tim Haplerin is in the TOP 24!!! [youtube][/youtube] On Tuesday, he’ll compete with the 11 other guys, so be ready to grab your phones and VOTE FOR OUR GUY! We’re going to celebrate by playing some of his MC Piano Bar performances on the show today. Obviously we don’t […]