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America’s Favorite Actor

…and pirate.

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Tom Hanks’ son releases rap video

Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Haze, has released a rap video! Check out “Another Chance!” People on YouTube are saying “you should collabo with Rebecca Black,” and he has a LOT more dislikes than likes. Do you think he lives up to the Hanks name? Do you like the song? [polldaddy poll=5194558]

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VIDEO: Tom Hanks does the weather… in spanish

Tom Hanks was on the show “Despierta America,” and they let him do the weather! Well…. kinda. Maybe it’s because I don’t know Spanish, but this seems like a hott mess of talking and dancing. Is ANYTHING being said? The only thing I can notice is that their hosts dress a lot sexier than the […]

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Tom Hanks is a grandpa! Plus- Why I’m an idiot

It’s obvious that for this job, we have to stay on top of our pop culture/entertainment news knowledge. For the most part, I know the big names and the important happenings, but when it comes to movies and knowing everyone’s name- I’ll admit I’m not the best. News came out today that Tom Hanks was […]