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Be Proud of Your Coaches

We’ve been sharing some of our finer “coaching greats” moments today and I figured it was only fair you enjoy them as well Especially the top 10 of my favorite coach of all time-Bobby Knight! [youtube]1Onfzet1xxs[/youtube] [youtube]7EChnZTJicw[/youtube] [youtube]v4veYug5pFo[/youtube]  

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Top 10 Lies…We All Tell

A trending topic on twitter today was #Top10Lies and most of the tweets were pretty legit, but the ones submitted during my show were also awesome!!!! Here’s some of my faves from you guys: 1- “I love you” 2- “This is my real hair” 3- “I’m gonna stay in and study all weekend” 4- “I […]