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She’s a Late night TV watcher!

So Hank is living with the GF now, but doesn’t know what to do about her TV watching schedule. What advice can you give him? Here’s his email to me: I moved in with my girlfriend about 3 months ago and she has this habit of watching television all night. ¬†She doesn’t just watch TV, […]

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VIDEO: Luke Bryan Checked His Watch During National Anthem

He probably wants this night to end. (that’s a reference to his song)

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The official X-Factor promo looks familiar

Call me crazy, but does this not look like American Idol with a few extra people? Simon is totally wearing the same suit he always wore in AI promos… Not that I’d ever expect anything different.

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VIDEO: Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 Promo!!!!!

The new promos are being released for the latest season of Always Sunny. Mac gained a ton of weight. He says he did it specifically for the show to play his character as a fat man. From the look of it, it should pay off. VERY funny!

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Preview Snooki’s “E! True Hollywood Story”

Snooki, AKA Nicole Polizzi (or I guess that should be the other way around…), is going to be featured on E!’s “True Hollywood Story” this week! Whether it’s a little help for the debut of Season 4 of the Jersey Shore, or honestly insight into an interesting life that we all need to see, it’s […]