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Watch: Justin Timberlake’s SNL promos

THIS WEEKEND Justin Timberlake is hosting the season finale of Saturday Night Live with Lady Gaga! Check out the promos and make sure you set your DVR’s, alarms, etc! Just when I thought a fake ghost couldn’t possibly be funny, especially for thirty seconds, they proved me wrong. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD! […]


Watch the preview for Napolean Dynamite: The cartoon

FOX released it’s upcoming Fall schedule for the 2011-2012 season, and among their new shows: a cartoon version of Napoleon Dynamite. The movie came out in 2004, and now we’re going to get weekly doses of it in cartoon form! The entire cast is even said to be coming back! Check out the preview below, […]

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The best of “The Voice’s” first battle round

Did you watch “The Voice” last night? Though I don’t think it holds a candle next to American Idol in any way, they did have some pretty awesome singers last night. The best, by far, were Team Cee-Lo’s Vicci and Niki, who battled it out over Pink’s “Perfect.” [youtube]OQV0T6ECxdo[/youtube] Absolutely incredible. Because of Idol, I’m […]

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Washed up reality stars get another chance with new show

Heidi Montag has been looking for another show to be on for years now, and she’s finally got it… along with other former reality fame whores peeps. She’ll be joining ex-Bachelor Jake Pavelka and ex-Housewife Danielle Staub on a new show called “Famous Foods” that will be airing on VH1 this fall. They’ll compete for […]

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Day 4: Vote for MTV March Madness!

It’s the last day of round 1 of MTV March Madness! Yesterday’s winners were America’s Best Dance Crew, Daria, Cribs, and The Hills! Who will be the final four of the Sweet 16? Vote now! Typical MTV [polldaddy poll=4765641]   Old School [polldaddy poll=4765652]   CelebTV [polldaddy poll=4765657]   RealiTV [polldaddy poll=4765679] You have until […]