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Plankin in the Office

So planking is the latest thing to do in social media. I decided to take it to the next level one day around the Candy studio and office. Check it out!

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Chris Breezy’s Epic Today Show Performance

It needs no intro! Especially the last :30 seconds!   [youtube][/youtube]

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“There is a new covent in town” has been the dominate slogan leading up to the recent episode of True Blood and it more than lives up to it. The witches from last week seek to make a power move as they attempt to raise a human being from the dead. This is a threat […]

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Fangtasia: True Blood Blogging With Lane (Episode 1)

Fireworks are banned in most of our area and it appears the same applied to Season 4 of True Blood’s first episode…at least until it’s final minutes. The 4th taste of the HBO series opened up with where the 3rd bit ended; with Sookie Stackhouse being taken by a race of ferries. After a mishap (involving […]

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Jason Kidd Raps!

Even though I’m a Houston guy, GO MAVS!! Here’s a classic song from Mavs point gaurd Jason Kidd. As you will hear, it’s from his first stint with the team during the mid 90s. [youtube]8HTNWYpemxI[/youtube] -Lane