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It’s National CANDY Month! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to give you some behind the scenes looks here at Candy 95, beginning with our very own Why Party Today’s blooper reel! [youtube]U2byhJ6iz10[/youtube] You’d think they’d be a little better at getting it right and realizing the camera is always on […]

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“Why Party Today” starring…me!

Today’s “Why Party Today” video is all about Limerick Day.  Since I have been inspired by Iris and Rose at RenFest, Limericks are my new favorite thing….though they are so much more funny when they’re a little raunchy… Thanks to Elizabethany for putting this video and thanks to the random authors of the limericks that […]

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Behind the scenes with WhyPartyToday

As you know, we make a daily video telling you a holiday/reason to party. Last Friday was “Fun at Work Day,” and we figured since we have so much fun doing what we do, we’d show you what it’s like behind the scenes of our video making process. We show ya some mess-ups, what it […]

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Why Party Today?

Today is officially Have Fun at Work Day! We have fun every day, but it’s time for you to join the party! [youtube]GcTvYEmHhU4[/youtube]