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70% of women and a THIRD of men have faked the Big O to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings

[Via DailyMail] The study, carried out by the University of Kansas, found that 68 per cent of women and even 28 per cent of men have pretended to climax with a partner. Both sexes gave the same reasons for faking it – a partner’s orgasm was imminent so they felt under pressure to climax. Other […]

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A Friend’s Facebook Post of Empowerment

A friend of mine, Whitney, that I’ve known since High School recently posted a message of strength on facebook that I thought was amazing. She’s been with this abusive, drunk DB of a man for a while now. She ended up marrying him a couple of years back. Plus, they have a child together. It’s a […]

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11 categories of pictures you take… Men vs. Women!

What guys typically take pictures of ARE way different then the same of a woman. Babies, hair cuts, the beach are just a few! What’s captured in the photo is what separates men from women… See what I’m talking about —

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The Gentleman’s Guide To Sending Women Drinks

You see her at a bar and want to get her attention without coming across as a jerk or a creeper. From, here’s 6 ways how to make an impression on her as a gentleman. Use the bartender as your wingman To pull this off correctly, it’s  essential to get the bartender on your side. Make […]