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Would You Rather?!

[polldaddy poll=6562858] WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER?! And here’s that funny video a listener sent me. hahaha! -Katy

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Would You Rather

Have you ever had a wasp get stuck inside your shirt? No? Because it is the worst. THE WORST. [polldaddy poll=6481461] Which would you rather?

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Would You Rather Wednesday

[polldaddy poll=6448856] Those are your choices, because that’s what it boils down to. Do you equate happiness with good health or bookoos of cash? -Katy

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Today’s WYR is slightly influenced by the Olympics. Okay sure, that’s totally a stretch, but it’s tough to make these relevant. [polldaddy poll=6432812] At first I thought, oh this is easy. Mariachi all the way.. Until I remembered a little film called “Braveheart.” Bag pipes all the way. Which would you rather?!

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POLL: Would You Rather Wednesday

[polldaddy poll=6191960] For 5,000 Bonus club candy points, click here! Your keyword is NEIGHBOR