Thursday Night Football Ended Up Not Being About Football

The Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers are rivals . . . and last night’s game on “Thursday Night Football” was filled with intensity, illegal hits, and it ended with an INSANE BRAWL.

In the closing seconds, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett tackled Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.  They started fighting on the ground, and grabbing each other’s helmets.

Garrett actually yanked Rudolph’s helmet off, and then used it as a weapon . . . swinging it at Rudolph and BASHING HIM IN THE HEAD.

Several Steelers players including center Maurkice Pouncey tackled Garrett, throwing punches and kicking him in the head.

The Browns came in with their own aggression, and Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi shoved Rudolph to the ground, AFTER he was hit with his own helmet.  It was a cheap shot.

Garrett, Pouncey, and Ogunjobi were ejected.


Nick J opinion: 

The Browns beat the Steelers for the first time in half a decade and promptly lost their minds about it. Myles Garret went Bam Bam from the Flintstones on Mason Rudolph and everybody is giving their opinion about it, so I will too. There’s a good chance your take on what happened last night is wrong.

If you say “well Rudolph started it”, you’re wrong. As soon as Garrett swing the helmet, whatever led up to that moment stopped mattering because the situation escalated to another level. If you smack me and I shoot you, nobody is going to say “well YOU started it!” because I took the situation to a place it shouldn’t have gone.

If you used any variation of “thug” to describe Myles Garrett last night, you’re wrong and that really says more about the person you are than what happened on the field.

Listen, I don’t like the fact that Mason Rudolph is trying to act like the good guy in this situation either. I don’t like the fact that a poem writing, dinosaur loving, gentle giant lost his mind for apparently little to no reason either.


The truth is, there is no defense for swinging a helmet at somebody like that and that’s the only take on the situation there is.