We’re All Pretty Lonely

I’m not sure which of these three stats is the saddest:

Stat #1:  A new survey found the average American eats 387 meals ALONE each year  or about 1 meal a day, on average.

Stat #2:  Two-thirds of us feel like we’re not really eating alone, as long as we’ve got our PHONE with us.

Stat #3:  The average American now eats as many meals alone with their phone as they do with any one person they know.  Including spouses and children.  Six solo meals with our phone each week and six with the person we eat with most often.

The survey found most of us don’t actually think there’s a stigma about it anymore though.  And 68% even LOOK FORWARD to eating alone.

The five most common reasons we eat by ourselves are:

  1. It’s more relaxing we’re too busy
  2.  we want to save money
  3. our friends are too busy
  4. it’s a good way to catch up on TV shows.
  5. Don’t want to make an ‘event’ out of every meal

The poll also found a third of all our social interactions now happen online.