Young man from Texas told to cut his dreadlocks or miss graduation walks Oscars red carpet

Houston Chronicle – When Deandre Arnold took an undaunted stand, refusing to cut his dreadlocks to meet a Texas school district’s dress code, he never expected to become a celebrated hero and social activist. On Sunday night, he took center stage on the red carpet at Oscars 2020.

Arnold was invited to Hollywood by Matthew A. Cherry, the producer of the nominated short film, “Hair Love.” The Oscar-nominated film features a poignant story of a dad who tries to fix his daughter’s hair for the first time.

When Hollywood celebrities like Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union heard about Arnold’s school controversy over dreadlocks, they were touched by his story. Cherry then took the next step, inviting the Mont Belvieu high school senior to the Oscars. Arnold also had his mom, Sandy right by his side on the red carpet.