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Lil Jon gets his own HGTV home improvement show

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Page Six – From crunk to caulk! Rapper Lil Jon will star in a home renovation show on HGTV. The show — “Lil Jon Wants To Do What?” — will follow the Atlanta hip hop artist as he “offers skeptical homeowners startlingly unconventional renovation ideas that seem impossible to […]

Paint That Could Reduce Use Of AC Is Coming

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Great idea except for the fact that it reflects 98% of the sunlight that hits it so every July you walk in your house and get blinded. “Get your Stevie Wonder-maker white paint next summer!”. – Nick J   Scientists in Indiana have created a paint so incredibly white […]

Hockey Fans Are Weird

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Hockey fans are a wild breed. I love baseball but I’ve never had the urge to pay money to sleep with a world series trophy. The Tampa Bay Lighting are more wild for letting hockey fans sleep with the trophy for the night thought. Hockey fans are weird and […]

Children Are More Likely To Be Bullied By Friends

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter When your friends give you a hard time it’s not called bullying, it’s called roasting and it builds character. Being roasted for things teaches you valuable social skills and some people take it personally and never learn from it. You’re supposed to have a group of friends close enough […]

West Virginia Is Paying Remote Workers $12,000 To Move There

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter You ever notice how cool states never have to pay people to live there? Never heard of Texas paying people, California doesn’t do it, hell Louisiana doesn’t do it. It’s states like West Virginia, Oklahoma, Vermont. I’ve been through West Virginia, it’s beautiful place if you like looking at […]

Kevin James To Play Sean Payton In Netflix Film ‘Home Team’

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter I always bash movie studios for remaking the same movies and not coming up with new ideas but, if these are the type of new ideas they got, keep doing remakes bro. Unless this movie is like ‘Kicking and Screaming’ its not gonna be good. “Get me a juicebox!” […]

Bald Guy Anxiety: SVP Tells Tiger Woods To Come Home

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter If you’re on the fence just go ahead and do it. After you get past the weirdness of looking at yourself without hair you’ll feel a lot better. No more anxiety, no more freaking every time you get out of the shower and notice a few more hairs fell […]

A Metal Band Made Up Of Cats Has Dropped Its First Single For Charity

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Normally I think it’s a little strange that we as people in a society need a quirky reason to donate money to charitable causes. “Hey let me pay to run a 5k while drinking craft beer to raise money for colon health awareness”, it’s just kind of weird to […]

Americans Stuff Themselves On Weekends As ‘Reward’ For Work Week Stress

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Eat like you’re filling up your car with unleaded gas just to get around during the week and then eat whatever you want and relax on the weekends. Mix in some light exercise every day or every other day and you’ll be feelin tip top. Gotta treat the week […]

The More Languages You Speak, The Easier It Is For The Brain To Learn More

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pick your Rosetta Stone back up that you gave up on, pull out the Duolingo owl and finish learning that language because then you’ll be learning new languages like crazy and you’ll be a secret agent in no time! – Nick J   For those of us confined to […]