Chuck E. Cheese Is Being Sneaky

Is Chuck E. Cheese getting clever and selling food under a different name? Here’s what we know and why you have nothing to worry about!

If you checked Twitter the morning of May 18, you noticed Chuck E. Cheese trending. Don’t worry, our favorite mouse is doing fine. In fact, he has apparently expanded his empire.

A report from Food & Wine shares that a woman ordered food via GrubHub from a “local” restaurant called Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings. The pizza looked and tasted familiar, so she asked her GrubHub driver straight up if the food was from Chuck  E. Cheese?

The driver told her yes and that  he was also confused as the Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings logo was on the window of the Chuck  E. Cheese he picked it up at. We have apparently not been paying close attention because this report is nearly a month old. What’s going on?

Our first thought is that Chuck E. Cheese isn’t hitting the sale numbers it wants, with COVID-19 shutting down the place and all, so they came up with a codename to sell food through GrubHub, DoorDash, and other food delivery services.

It turns out, after reading the report, that fans on Twitter aren’t too far from the truth.

According to the report, a statement from the CEC brand shares that it recently launched Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings nationwide. The name comes from a character in Chuck E. Cheese’s band and was created to provide premium pizza and food to customers. Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings is sharing the kitchen and also trying out new food products and recipes that may eventually join the Chuck E. Cheese menu when locations reopen.

Via Fansided