Heinz Is Releasing A HoneyRacha Sauce

Delish– Most people have a favorite condiment they would put on everything if they could. But some people can’t choose between even two or three beloved condiments and for some of us, our favorite condiments are actually mash-ups of a few different condiments (my family calls it Secret Sauce, but it’s mayo, ketchup, and barbecue sauce, you’re welcome). Well, we’re in luck because Heinz is apparently blessing us with yet another condiment mash-up called HoneyRacha, so you’ll never have to choose again.

You may recall that Heinz released some unhinged (yet delicious!) condiment mash-ups in 2018 including MayoChup (mayonnaise and ketchup) and MayoCue (mayonnaise and barbecue sauce). Now it seems to have stepped onto the Sriracha train with this new condiment.

Heinz exclusively confirmed to Delish that HoneyRacha (a mix of honey and Sriracha) would be coming to shelves soon and would be making an appearance in its upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

HoneyRacha already looks amazing, not that you need much more convincing. It sounds like an incredible combo you’d want to put on everything from wings to pizza. Fans of all things spicy and sweet can expect it to hit shelves in the spring, so keep your eyes peeled when perusing your local grocery shelf.