What a Time to Be Alive: Movies set to release in 2019

We’ve entered into the final stretch of 2018.

A new year brings the chance to set new goals, learn from mistakes made in the previous year, and get excited for what’s to come in the next twelve months.

Setting new goals is for winners, and learning from your mistakes is for the intelligent, so for me that really just leaves excitement for what’s coming in 2019. As a movie lover, 2019 seems like it has the potential to be awesome with a lot of big names returning to the big screen like: Toy Story, The Avengers, and Star Wars. But the movie I think I’m most excited for is “Detective Pikachu”, a live action Pokemon movie with Ryan Reynolds voicing the most recognizable Pokemon in the poke-universe.

Check out the first trailer:

It’s too early to tell but this might be one of the GOAT movies right up there with Citizen Kane and The Godfather

It’s Monday, take some time and peruse the rest of the movies set to release in 2019 here