Audrey’s “Daily Juice” Recap

What’s up luv!!!

Ever have those moments or day’s when you feel like things are not happening fast enough or maybe not even at all?  Trust me, I feel that way often too which is why today’s “Daily Juice” is this:

When you are ready, it will happen. Remember, if it is meant to be, it will happen. The universe has a funny way of blessing you. Whether it be with people, things, moments, or places. It knows and it gives you everything you need. But only, when you are ready. Now exhale.

That juice is brought to you by one of my favorite writers R.M. Drake. The truth is we can wish and want things to happen as much as we want but we never factor in the thought that we just might not be ready yet. I’ve always believed that things happen when they are supposed to in your life. It’s your job to be ready for them! So, ask yourself are you truly ready?