Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident to get ‘Framing Britney Spears’ treatment

Page Six – Janet Jackson is getting the Britney Spears treatment, Page Six has learned.

Left/Right TV, the production company behind the blockbuster “Framing Britney Spears” documentary, is working on a documentary about Jackson’s infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, we’re told.

The Spears film shocked audiences when it premiered in February by retracing the steps that her ex Justin Timberlake took to spin a misogynistic narrative about their breakup — with the help of the media — and laying out the disturbing circumstances of the conservatorship that she has been under since 2008.

Timberlake may well find himself playing defense once more with the release of the Jackson doc, as the fallout from her NFL wardrobe malfunction is widely believed to have boosted his career while stunting hers.

A source said, “It’s going to be all about the fallout and the suits who f–ked over Janet [at] Viacom,” the company that owned MTV — which produced the halftime show — and CBS, which broadcast the game.

“They’re reaching out to everyone who was involved: dancers, stylists, directors. Everyone,” said the source.

It’s unclear whether Jackson, 54, or Timberlake, 40, who famously tore off part of the “Rhythm Nation” singer’s top and exposed her breast during the performance, will participate in the film. Insiders told us it’s unlikely that Jackson will support it since she’s working on her own two-part documentary premiering on Lifetime and A&E next year.