My First Week Living in Texas

We’re one week into this journey of moving 20+ hours away from my family and friends, and so far so good! My wife and I are still getting used to living in a HUGE college area like this. What’s weird is that College Station is a smaller city than either of us are used to…and we moved from a city with THREE colleges, but all three of those combined are still a fraction of the size of Texas A&M.

Where is the heat that everyone said would be down here? There hasn’t been a day yet where I’ve worn something other than long pants and a sweatshirt. I get that we moved down here towards the end of fall, but MAN. Actually in Erie, PA, (where we moved from) it started snowing today…so all things considered I guess we can handle a little rain.

I’m not sure if this will become a regular thing with regular checkups into our Texas life…but if you’d like to follow our Aggieland journey a little closer give me follow on insta and twitter.