Oreo is releasing a Strawberry Frosted Donut flavor in March

Today – There’s no denying that the world could use a bit of brightness right now, and one classic cookie brand is bringing on all the sprinkles for spring.

Oreo, which is no stranger to seasonal limited-edition flavors, will be launching Strawberry Frosted Donut flavored Oreo cookies in March, just in time for Easter.

These cookies will feature a double layer of pink colored, strawberry-flavored creme with rainbow sprinkles, and doughnut-flavored creme, too. The packaging also mentions glitter being in the pink creme, which is pretty much as cheerful as a cookie can get.

Oreo never seems to stop rolling out fun new spins on the classic variety — in fact, the brand has released 65 new flavors since 2012 — and that’s deliberate. Justin Parnell, the senior director of the Oreo brand, said in a recent interview with The New York Times that the brand tries to “excite our fans and drive growth through flavor innovation,” and the novelty flavors often have a bit of a cyclical effect.

“When we do it well, it drives our classic Oreo cookie, as well as the sales of the limited edition,” Parnell said of the brand’s limited-edition flavors, which have ranged in recent years from red Oreos in partnership with fashion brand Supreme to Lady Gaga-themed cookies.

If you do happen upon these Oreos, doughnut hesitate to grab them. They are going to be available nationwide, wherever Oreo is sold, but only for a limited time.