Ted’s “Weekend” in 5 Photos

It was a long holiday weekend in Aggieland, here’s a recap of things we did in 5 photos!

Thanksgiving spread

So, obviously, it was Thanksgiving. this was our spread from Thursday – not pictured was our quiche for breakfast or our incredible charcuterie board!

Let’s skip ahead to Sunday…

I had a wrestling show in Houston on Saturday night for New Texas Pro Wrestling (I’m not a wrestler), and driving back I hit a HUGE bird that was feasting on some road kill. I felt bad about it all night until I saw that they took a good chunk out of my front bumper.

JK I still feel really bad.

The screenshot was because I had been drinking some tea to bring my voice back to life and it made me sick. Don’t forget to take the bags out of your tea, apparently.

After we turned into humans and got out of the house around 1 PM, we went to Another Broken Egg for brunch.

Honestly I could just eat those beignets and that’s it every day and I would be totally happy.

Sunday night we got Whataburger. This is a weird one.

I always take photos anytime I randomly happen upon the number 75. It was my Uncle’s number when he use to race dirt late models in Pennsylvania. He passed away in 2018. Anytime I see it I get a feeling that he’s looking out for us, wherever we go.


And that was our weekend! If you’ve got any suggestion of things we should do, or if you want to follow our journey follow me on Twitter and Instagram!