TxDOT looks to Texas rapper Chamillionaire for inspiration on new highway sign

The Houston Chronicle –The Texas Department of Transportation is staying creative with its highway signs – as expected.

On Monday, local Layla Love spotted a TxDOT sign along Loop 410 and Vance Jackson that made her laugh and immediately take a picture while in the passenger seat.

It read, “They See Me Rollin’ Never Scrollin.'” Any fan of hip hop knows the sign is inspired by none other than Texas rapper Chamillionaire (yes, he was born in Washington, D.C. but he moved to Houston when little so calm down).

TxDOT changed up the lyrics from the rapper’s song “Ridin'” – it’s “they see me rollin’ they hatin'” (pretty clever TxDOT).

Love posted her picture to San Antonio Reddit, where other locals chimed in on the catchy sign.

“Those signs are always on point,” blublazn007 said.

“I love/hate these signs when they do them, it’s so cheesy but I can’t help myself,” Marley_Fan wrote.

TxDOT CEO James Bass tweeted out their Chamillionaire signs on Monday as well, acknowledging it’s a nod to the rapper.