‘Vax That Thang Up’: Juvenile’s hit song gets 2021 transformation

The New York Post – Is this the unofficial summer anthem of 2021?

The iconic early aughts single “Back That Azz Up” by Juvenile has been re-released with a pandemic twist as part of a campaign to boost vaccination rates.

On Wednesday, the 46-year-old rapper, whose real name is Terius Gray, dropped an official video for “Vax That Thang Up,” featuring Mannie Fresh and Mia X.

The lyrics were rewritten to encourage Americans to get vaccinated. “Girl you look good once you vax that thang up / You a handsome young brother once you vax that thang up / Dating in real life, you need to vax that thang up.”

“I just wanted to do something positive for my people and to stand in the front to show that I’m willing to sacrifice my life not just for me but also for my family,” Juvenile said in a press release. “We don’t know what we’re facing right now but we really do all need to be vaccinated so we can continue to do our thing and survive.”